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We are pleased to announce our new product: The Ladder Bucket 2.5L Insert.
Used in conjunction with our Ladder Bucket, this insert will enable you to use a standard tin of paint/varnish at a high level.  this will save you tipping the paint into the Ladder Bucket.


All you need to do is place the insert into the top of The Ladder Bucket, and then place your tin into the insert and start to paint.
There are also 2 trays in the insert, one either side of the paint tin.  These are to rest your brushes in when they are not in use.


The Ladder Bucket is primarily intended to be used to hold paint for use on extension ladders, designed to be compatible with a standard paint roller. 
However, the ladder bucket is so versatile that it can be used for any number of jobs that require extension ladders, for instance pointing, cleaning gutters, electrical works, window installation, roofing, window cleaning, or even just as a tool caddy.

Using the ladder bucket with extension ladders will help you adhere to the Health & Safety regulations.  There should always be 3 points of contact when using extension ladders, i.e. both feet and one hand, leaving just one hand to do the work.

All of our products are made
from Recycled Plastic.
We only use Recycled Plastc

HSE Safe use of Ladders and Stepladders, An Employers Guide

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